The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me! I am Thomas Leigh and have been trying to build a career online! As a strong supporter of our President , Donald Trump , I have worked my way up from nothing to having 15,000 twitter followers and 5,000 LinkedIn connections. These ¬†connections include many from the government including Donald trumps personal lawyer Michael: as well as members from the Department Of Defense, NSA , ¬†department of Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, and many others! ¬†In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. This caused me to have to drop out of college and ¬†take the second hardest form of chemo that they offered. ¬†Since then sadly I have went from a mission to having another form of rare cancer call teratoma. ¬†Throughout my struggles, including addiction to pain medicine after having tumors in my body that were next to my lower spine and the removal of my left testicle, I have overcome many obstacles and life in general. ¬†I have never been one to complain or ask for anything. My mother always told me ‚ÄúLife was never promised to be fair, it was only promised to be‚ÄĚ. ¬†With the power of God, family, and the support of those who believed me I overcame my addiction and now help others who struggle with it. ¬†I have ¬†been advocate of stopping gun violence in cities in which I have lived such as Chicago and Rockford Illinois. I have seen friends die from overdoses, was next to my best friend who was shot and killed when I was 16… The only reason I am still here is the person who killed him got what is called a ‚Äústove pipe jam‚ÄĚ in his gun. ¬†Fortunately for me he was not gun savvy ¬†and did not realize all you had to do was pull the slide back. ¬†Throughout my life I have made many mistakes, but one thing that we should all remember is we cannot change the past all we can do is change the future. ¬†I believe that common sense reforms can and should be made within our government without this political divide we currently are experiencing. We are all Americans and only when united we stand together are we had our strongest. ¬†The division in our country right now is exactly what our enemies want. The farther that we separate by political believes of left and right the more they actually win. ¬†No matter your race, religion, or sexual orientation ¬†we all have one thing in common and that is that we are citizens of the United States. I will say it again we are citizens of the UNITED STATES! ¬†We all bleed the same color and all live under the same flag. There is no reason for the continuation of this division caused by nothing more than the mainstream media‚Äôs aspirations for ratings. ¬†I believe I making America great again and I also believe in law and order although my record may not reflect that due to my past addiction. ¬†Every day I wake up and give thanks that I am able to live in a country where we have the opportunities that we have. Too many take for granted the freedoms that we have as Americans and do not respect those who have fought and died to give us those freedoms. ¬†No matter your political views just know that the common denominator in all of us is that we are Americans! Many do not respect nor like our president…however that does not mean people should ¬†continually put him down and commit illegal acts such as destruction of property, assault, and violating federal laws by harboring illegal aliens. The country used to have respect for one another and were UNITED when it came to struggles that we all face as a nation. ¬†The division in our current time has not been this divisive since the Civil War. Is that really what 300 million Americans want? Another civil war? ¬†With states like California trying to become their own country knowing that the government will never allow that it seems that that is what people are asking for. ¬†To put in perspective. ¬†The Civil War which happened in 1861 through 1865 was at a time when it would take another nation months to send a army… today a invading country could ¬†strake us when we are at our weakest and a matter of hours or even days with a landing force. ¬†Countries such as China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and many others would love nothing more than to see us continually fight with one another until we become blinded by our differences and not united by our similarities! ¬†As we sit here and criticize our government and president our enemies are building up their nation and armies. We are on the track to no longer being the dominant world power unless we unite as we should under our American flag and put our differences aside. ¬†The enemy is not your neighbor, Family, or other political party but ¬†those who would wish to destroy the democracy and republic that we have in our country. ¬†History always will repeat it self in one form or another. We can look at the British Empire, Roman empire, and many others and see how they rose to power and then fell. ¬†This will be the inevitable outcome of America unless we the people decide to change the way we think, act, and treat each other. ¬†When Pearl Harbor was bombed all Americans, regardless of their opinions on joining the war, ¬†signed up to the army and made sacrifices ¬†because that‚Äôs what we do! ¬†We come together as one nation under whatever God you believe in and stand united against all forms of evil ¬†that threaten freedoms everyone deserves. ¬†People say that America has become the world police. That may be true in a sense, but just remember we help those who cannot help themselves because that is who we are. We pick up those who have fallen and cannot defend themselves. ¬†Remember one of the greatest quotes ever ‚ÄúEvil prevails when good men standby and do nothing‚ÄĚ. That statement remains true today ¬†as we look at Nations like Syria, Iraq, China, Russia, and anyone who is objectively against freedoms and rights that all men and women should have. ¬†President Donald J. Trump ¬†has done more in his one year than so many other presidents have in their whole presidency! ¬†He understands as a businessman and a person of humbleness that ¬†with great power comes great responsibility. ¬†This is why he listens to all forms of opinions and alternative options. However, he is also a person of logic and judges the facts by something too many seem to lack…COMMON SENSE! ¬†He has shown the world that America will not stand by idly and take this leading from behind approach that we have adapted over the last 20 years. ¬†He realizes that is not who we are! We are America! The country that everyone has wanted to come to for 200+ years ¬† because unlike other countries we have the freedoms and opportunities that almost no other place in the world offers. ¬†These freedoms as well as our constitutional rights are being challenged right now by this movement that did not start until he became president. There is no reason people should challenge our constitutional rights just because of a lack of respect and common decency for our President and the people who elected him! In a democratic republic the people vote in our elected officials… this is how it has always been and hopefully always will be. ¬†If you are one who does not like him or the way that he responds and ask then why do you not go out and vote or endorse candidates worthy enough to challenge him in the next election. ¬†That is the way we are to deal with our political debates with each other. Not to go out with a mask on and agenda of divisiveness where you have no respect for law and order and people‚Äôs property or well-being. ¬†In the constitution we are guaranteed the right of free speech and free assembly, but that does not give those people the right to riot and ¬†destroy what others have worked so hard for such as businesses that were destroyed in California during its first days of political unrest and riots. What so many seem to not understand ¬†is that America gives us this constitutional right whereas most countries you can be arrested and even put to death for protesting the government. ¬†I ask all those who wish for communism or socialism to take a trip to North Korea, Syria or China. See if you are able to do the same things you get away with here over there. Another famous quote that I will and with¬†“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall #TRUTH #MAGA #RealTalk

” Injustice anywhere , Is Injustice Everywhere…..” Dr. M.L.K Jr.

The Journey Begins


I usually do not ask for donations or anything and have not so far over the last two years when it comes to the Twitter LinkedIn or any other network. However in this case I am giving people a chance to try and support me in my stand for Trump and making this a full time job with tweeting and supporting conservative values. I am going to have the price at $.99 but you can donate whatever you feel you are able to! I appreciate all my fans and followers on Twitter, but dealing with my cancer medical issues as well as raising a son on my own takes it‚Äôs toll. So any support is always welcome ūüôŹūü§Ěūüáļūüáłūüėä! #MAGA #TRUTH




The magic wand of “Trump”

Anyone who actually paid attention to the 2016 election saw these words from Obama’s mouth.

Bam! The economy took a huge drive forward the election night after it was sure none other than Donald Trump was going to win. Now why is it that our economy not only thrived , but flourished over the next several years? Let’s go ahead and take out “Main Stream Politics of Washington Insiders and Inside New York Stock Traders” . Anyone with a commonsense notion of the world saw in the candidate Donald Trump. Someone that was successful, charming even if sometimes offensively to others lol , business savvy, a new outlook towards the future of America while still holding American Values at heart. In truth they saw a person who you could easily understand his position and believe too that he would fulfill these goals. This takes me back to the stocks booming election night and forward. You see you had all these companies, that even if they had bet on Hillary Clinton’s campaign financially, their stocks still swayed to whoever won and their political preferences. In our President #DonaldTrump they saw a winner. Someone who understood how to run successful business and with a business’s interest. Which had been sadly ignored down to the small businesses on mainstreet causing so many to lose jobs , pride , income, and bring in drugs, gangs, and poverty. Rockford,¬† Illinois was once the most industrious city for its size in the world. Now it’s another sad tale of drugs, prostitution, corruption, and filth. It’s a “MiniChiRaq” with a homicide rate that is one of the top in the nation for its size and unsolved homicide rates that are ridiculous. Empty factories dwarf the town. Graffiti of gang signs are all over this once majestic and prideful town of rock bands like “Cheap Trick” and “REO Speedwagon” . What Donald Trump has done for America since his election is something Hillary Clinton could have never accomplished. He gave us hope to endure. He told us that yes, America will be great again! We took out the parts of his tone we knew he would keep his word on and he did! While even having all the stones and boulders hurled his way. He still has managed to do his job not only to his best ability,¬† but greatly for anyone under the pressure and constant attack he takes daily. In short in the end I will say to those who doubt this man to look at his track record so far and see how he compares to most. To my President I say thank you Sir. To my fellow Americans I say please stop the DIVISIVENESS and stand UNITED. Remember “Evil prevails when good PEOPLE sit by idly and do nothing”


History Repeats…Always





All I have to say is wow….. the idea that the #hypocrisy and outright #slander and #lies from people from the “left” as it is today is beyond even a younger person such as myself. When you look to past history you see the #Demoratic “left” only leaning on this Populous notion of socialism in the mid 50’s to 70’s and it’s new arise to the “far left” as of today’s political topics. During the 1800’s, it was known but SADLY NOT WELL KNOWN ENOUGH , That the #Demoratic Party are the ones who not only supported #slavery but also the original #politicians to succeed from the #Union and start the #CivilWar ! #Lincoln was a #Republican and when he proposed the #13thAmendment it was …guess who… the #DemocraticParty who did everything in their power to keep the #Bill from passing #legislation . When #Lincoln was assassinated his plans for his idea of #Reconstruction died with him. Thus the #Republicans who were sent as overseers of it were often former #Democrats that switched at the end of the war. Not to mention the entire #ConfederateArmy was sent home with their uniforms, guns , and ammo. So they simply went back and tried to pick up from before. Time goes by and in a reversal of all of #LincolnsReconstructionAct the #Republicans that now hold office. Are not the ones who would had been chosen. Laws he wouldn’t had let stay in place until the middle 50’s when many #Rascist #Republican AND #Democrats came out in the #CivilRightsEra . Ultimately you cannot say which party is of a higher nature to be a “racist” when we all know people are people they should #ColorBlind , but they are not. So both parties are just as likely to have people who are racist. Your using a #Ideaological #opinion to label a whole group while I am a registered #Republican. Believe in its values. IAM WHITE , BUT FROM THE GHETTO…. all while my fiancee sleeps next to me who is black and has two child and I have a son who is half native American. Don’t try sell me that load of garbage from before about #Hitler compared to #Trump! When we was just singing #ImDonaldTrumping when it came to rappers and money. It’s a #politicaltool that is used to create #divisiveness in our country because you all…would rather see #America Fail than #Win . If only you ALL ON BOTH SIDES would grow up and act like adults. COULD YOU IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD ACHIEVE??? During WW2 when #PearlHarbor was attacked we become #United because only when #UnitedWeStand does it stop us from #DividedWeFall.

Donald Trump KAG Tshirts “F*ck Your Feelings” MAGA


On the other hand you can always put things more bluntly….. lol

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The Guns of the future.


This looks just like something out of COD (Call of Duty) and while it may have its ups and downs. My main question and concern is A. Does it work when the batteries run out , but still function as a regular weapon would. B. Is this something that for the price ,which I’m sure is ridiculous,¬† that’s going to be worth it. Perhaps if your a police officer or in the army. Finally C. Unless there is a finger print identification unlock function. What does this do to lower gun violence? Almost all #MassShootings have been committed by legal owner gun owners. So it isn’t the #Guns fault. It’s the vetting of the people who buy, are issued licenses and KEEP ALLOWING TO BE SLIPPED THROUGH THE CRACKS. When multiple people seem to be saying things yet it only comes out after the horrific consequences of non action done by those who could had done something. I believe like in #Israel. We need people in the gun stores to take training on whether or not to sell a firearm to a person based upon their facial expressions, words said, treating the weapon irresponsibly. I do believe If you want to own a #Gun you should have to take a class just like a #CCW permit class with a instructor ( great job for ex-military, police ect ) who have also taken courses for identifying factors that cause alarm.

The Redeploying of our Military Assets in the changing world.


So not so long back I laid out the idea that us pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan was because we wanted to change our geopolitical strategy in the world. I laid the theory of us taking this military money and budget passed and redeploying to all Eastern NATO countries and the whole Pacific region of the south China Sea and beyond. It seems I was correct as this photo and link above is clearly stating. The new “Cold War” will be our NATO Allies against Russia , China , Turkey , Iran , and if not watched carefully perhaps some South American countries. Venezuela is becoming very friend with China and Russia. Our new “Cuban Missile Crisis” could happen relatively easily. Either way this is just a opinion and what does separate the USA from everyone else will depend on it’s new Space Force. DARPA and other research companies starting back up the “Star Wars” program and thus causing another “MAD” or Mutually Assured Destruction plan of action. Money to try and outspend the enemy. Only this time I don’t think we would come out on top by attempting a Arms Race with the countries I’ve stated above. All we can do for now is pray and hole our President Donald Trump keeps up his dukes to show the world we won’t be bullied or bullshited.



Tucker Carlson and Ed Henry discuss the way people treat Trump supporters!

Over the past two plus years we have seen more division in this country than the Vietnam war era and coming close to the civil war era. Lots like to compare Lincoln to Donald Trump. I happen to agree. Both were hated by the Democrats and both were hated for doing what they knew in their hearts,bodies, and souls to be right. “We start and end with equality” as Lincoln put it and he was right. Unfortunately the division of today has caused more hatred and the talks of racism back into the mainstream media. We all know this is a ploy to tried and conquer and divide our union, however the American Populous is not the ignorant. They can read between the BS that is being said and printed everyday. For the ones who can’t, well for the most part all you have to do is talk to them or ask them simple questions involving economics, basic civics, or even alot of the time the people they claim to support. Point being they seem to know little to nothing about….well nothing Haha. When you see our young men and women who try and debate or discuss their own ideas or ideologies they are labeled as “Racist” or “Uneducated backwoods people”. Funny thing tho is that these “Rascist , backwood folk” are usually all more educated in every sense of the word than any city person or sadly even those in colleges. So I ask you America to sit down and think logically and with commonsense about the issues at hand. Be honest and just tell the truth. The truth is you hate Donald Trump and that’s IT PERIOD! REPLACE HIS NAME WITH ANY LIBERAL AND EVERYTHING HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED WOULD BE PRAISED BY ALL AND EVERY CABLE NEWS STATION. If you think this to be untrue, well I challenge you to go over all his achievements, BUT YOU REPLACE HIS NAME WITH OBAMA. HMMM ironic how much a name or person can make people turn around and lie with such hypocrisy! Stay true America , stay strong, but above all stay United.


Thomas Leigh.