Texas Bombing suspect IS DEAD!!!


It appears as though the Austin,Texas bomber suspect has done the cowardly act of killing himself as the cops closed in on him. Of course he would do that! These type of cowards always seem to take that way out. They would never go out in a blaze of bullets, or actually fight it out like a fighter or soldier does!  They either take the easy road and shoot themselves, blow themselves up, as in this case, or surrender right away! Remember they’re cowards…POINT BLANK PERIOD! I would not doubt if this had something to do with terrorism because of the cell phone tracing. I say this only because I believe the CIA would be involved or the NSA in tracing that so easily.  The FBI usually has to go through the proper channels and takes more time than the CIA or NSA would as they have… more laxed capabilities let’s say.



Vibe 3 Smart Watch iOS/Android

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LEGO style Cup for mom or dad to play with too!!

Hey mom and dad don’t feel left out why your son or daughter is playing with Legos without you!!! Pour yourself a cuppa coffee sit down and play on your own with your child with your very own cuppa Joe Lego style cup !!


Mini HD 1080p infrared night vision police cam

Mini HD 1080 P infrared night vision police cam with 18 million pixels


Smart Watch iOS and Android

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1080p Mini Spy carared and night vision

1080p mini spy cam with infrared and night vision goes directly to your android or iOS phone or computer system



As I have stated before I have been doing this for going on three years now. I have never asked ONCE for any donations or money handouts until NOW! The ONLY reason being that I am taking care of a little boy as well as trying to make this dream of mine into a reality so it’s seemingly being a full-time job I ask any donations in which you can before starting at $.99 It would be greatly appreciated!!!🙏 if you can’t I understand COMPLETELY and still love you all as my fans and supporters. 🤝🇺🇸😊💯🎈🎼 Respectfully, Thomas Leigh A.K.A Shorty “Tommy Guns” Acting C.E.O. Young N Entertainment Division of Leigh Enterprises



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