Well…Trumps gone and did it y’all ..😔🇺🇸 He’s gotten rid of old Rex #TRUTH #MAGA #CIA


Well the truth is finally out there. Our beloved Donald J. #Trump #President of the United States of America, has finally did it! He pulled the straw out from all of our very feet including but not limited too ,  #RexTillerson ! You know I always said that I would stop with this charade of campaign nonsense that I got myself into of politics when you got rid of good old #Rex. However,  I find myself like any good soldier on the battlefield who sees another soldier fallen, I’m drawn to the fallen soldier who needs help because he forgets he is down and the enemy is drawing near. This metaphor or  analogy if you will is basically what I have said to you from the very beginning @realDonaldTrump and that is “ You should’ve drained the swamp🤔🙄😳 before you decided to go swimming with the gators” #TRUTH #RealTalk #MAGA



I usually do not ask for donations or anything and have not so far over the last two years when it comes to the Twitter LinkedIn or any other network. However in this case I am giving people a chance to try and support me in my stand for Trump and making this a full time job with tweeting and supporting conservative values. I am going to have the price at $.99 but you can donate whatever you feel you are able to! I appreciate all my fans and followers on Twitter, but dealing with my cancer medical issues as well as raising a son on my own takes it’s toll. So any support is always welcome 🙏🤝🇺🇸😊! #MAGA #TRUTH



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